Customers and Project History

  • BULL AG (Zenith Data Systems: Warranty-Tracking in Progress 4GL, OS2/NT-Server)
  • DaimlerChrysler AG (Maut(=Toll)-Tracking in Progress OpenEdge, Windows-Server )
  • Webasto GmbH (MFG/PRO, Adaption, Modifikation, Progress 4GL, Oracle, HP-UX)
  • Tengelmann (Retail-Application Modification in Progress 4GL, SCO-Unix)
  • Thyssen-Sonnenberg Recycling (Accounting, Reporting in Webspeed/4GL, HP-UX, NT)
  • Boysen Schalldämpfer (Database for Measurement-Data in Progress 4GL, IBM-AIX, NT)
  • Lang-Industriedienst/Deutsche Bahn AG (some Webshops, Wholesale, Warehouse and Logistics, Knowledge-Managment, Content-Managment, eInvoice for DB-Schenker,
    all on Progress OpenEdge, 24*7
  • i&m Infokom GmbH (Retail-Application, Modifications in Progress 4GL, HP-UX, OpenEdge)